Arhipera Summer School!

Hi friends, Here I come again, this time with awesome news: we inaugurated a new house during the Arhipera summer school! Apart from that, at the end of the article you’ll have a beautiful surprise! Besides all the photography, Art and Architecture classes, where different lectors were invited, during this summer school we’ve finished this … Continue reading Arhipera Summer School!


Piata Amzei

M-am oprit. Da, chiar m-am oprit din drumul catre actorie. Iata-ma, stau aici, nemiscata, privind Piata Amzei. Simt mirosul capsunilor abia coapte, care imi inunda simturile intr-un mod feeric. Un soare prietenos anunta o seara extrem de placuta, total in antiteza fata de dimineata ploioasa. Lumina, dragii mei, lumina vie! Raze primavaratice ma mangaie bland, … Continue reading Piata Amzei

Baby Pink

One of the comfiest & cutest outfits ever! As baby pink is the latest color crush (mine and Cora’s, of course), we thought of making an article celebrating this awesome shade!Cora is the kind of girl you’ll immediately start talking to like old friends, even though you’ve just met. You know, that kind of a … Continue reading Baby Pink

Bucharest, it’s raining!

Everything seems to stop when it's raining. Bucharest is way more silent, everybody looks like they keep their precious thoughts within... till a brand-new BMW spreads the plash water all over your body. Guys, meet Bucharest while raining! Dear adventurers, it’s nearly impossible to escape Bucharest dry while it’s raining- there’ll always be that innocent … Continue reading Bucharest, it’s raining!