Top 15 things to do in Rome

I went to Rome with my uncle and grandma, who was completely in the mood for shopping. All the 10 days, while visiting museums or wandering through the piazzales, Buni was, more or less, waiting for the shopping day. So, what can I say more?  My uncle, who organised this trip, wanted to go to lots of archaeological sites, while my grandma…shopping. I think that we all wish to have a “wondergranny” who has unlimited money and the desire to buy. But, as it’s said, money doesn’t grow in trees. Still, the best thing you can do when going in a foreign country is taking your grandma with you ( even if she isn’t that wondergranny ), because if yours is like mine, she would search for the best quality shops everywhere. I have never seen a woman with more desire for shopping than her. Never.

Let’s  start the top 15!
15. Tempietto di Bramante
A very quiet place where you can take a rest after a long day. A characteristic would be the silent atmosphere… the perfect one for admiring this masterpiece of the renaissance architecture.


Tempietto of San Pietro by Donato Bramante

14. The National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia
It has a lot of artefacts, like Apollo of Veii or Il Sarcofago degli Sposi (also known as Bride and Groom). The beautiful garden full of flowers hosts a reconstructed Etruscan Temple.

13. The Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

Actually, I didn’t get in, so I can just say that its architecture is simply impressive. “The Writing Machine” and the nearby Trajan Column are definitely worth seeing.

12. Piazza Spagna
I think that Piazza Spagna would have been on the ‘top 5’ if it wasn’t renovating. Unfortunately, there were a lot of scaffolding and meshes covering the Spanish steps by Alessandro Specchi. Fortunately enough, in one photograph I managed to catch Madalina Ghenea, during a photo shooting at Fontana de la Barcaccia (by Pietro Benini, father of the famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini).


11.Piazza del Popolo– the piazzale with two identical churches

The twin churches look as the obelisk is one huge mirror that reflects reality, and guess what? You’re just like Alice lost in the Mirror.

10. The Pantheon

The huge building with the well-known one-concrete-block cupola are some of the reasons why you should come here. Apolodor of Damascus, who, by the way, also built the bridge over Danube, was simply a genius.

9. The Capitoline Museums

It’s a huge exhibition area which has a lot of popular sculptures. Venus Capitolina, The Dying Gaul are some of them- the truth is, if you are a history of art lover, you can spend the rest of your life there without seeing it all (no matter how long that would be).

8. Castel Sant’Angelo– the place where you can understand the transformations during history

Built in 139 d.C. by the Emperor Hadrian for himself and his successors, in 590 it became a christian place, because the Archangel Michael was seen above the mausoleum.

7. Trastevere
Trastevere is very quiet comparing to the centre of Rome. Its narrowed streets and opened boutiques make it such a sensitive place: somewhere you’d like to stroll all day long.

6. Villa Borghese
When I entered, I was completely stunned. There were so many creations everywhere– each room had a lot of masterpieces. This villa made me love the work of  Bernini, the way he put so much talent and effort in every masterpiece in order to reveal the feelings of the characters. I admit that my favourite one was “Apollo and Daphne”.

And here it is the Top 5!

5. The Colosseum
I am still in awe how they managed to keep it so alive- you could easily imagine a battle between gladiators or even a naval one. I’m not surprised why it became one of the symbols of Rome.

4. Via del Corso
For a shopping-addict, this is the perfect street! It has a lot of shops, from Disney to Adidas, so you can find anything you want. It hasn’t got that maisons de haute-couture, but you can still buy a lot of great outfits from Zara or H&M. Moreover, there are cafes and restaurants where you can relax after having an intense shopping.

3. Fontana di Trevi 

  It was shining. No kidding, it was so white, so beautiful and so awesome. However, it was really crowded- I think that it is one of the most crowded places from Rome. But, what can you do about it? Everybody wants to have contact with beauty and to buy a return ticket to Rome just by throwing a coin into the water.

2. Piazza Navona
I didn’t put this piazza on the top 5 because of the buildings. No. I just loved its fairytale atmosphere. There were clowns, people singing and dancing and all the tourists I could see around were happy. Even though you might think that I’m talking about that fake happiness, I’m not. It’s about the true one, with the kind  of childish laugh from the bottom of your heart, with the feeling that you’re in the right place, at the right time.
Honestly, it was one of the most alive places I’ve ever been to.

1. Vatican
You can’t leave Rome without at least seeing if not visiting The City of Vatican. It’s like a must.
You can see so many things and learn so much about Rome.
The 2 things that are very important to visit are (there are many more, but I’ll try to have a shorter list):
1. Piazza San Pietro- with the Basilica San Pietro
2. The Vatican Museums

  1. Piazza San Pietro is very big, and the white marble makes it shine so hard.
The Saint Peter’s Basilica is the biggest in the world, with the cupola designed by Michelangelo. The sculpture “Pietá” is also here, sourrounded by glass in order to be safe.
I climbed in the highest place of the church, where you could see a great panorama of Rome.

  2. The Vatican Museums
What would life be like if a lot of famous masterpieces were held in just one museum? Well, the Vatican Museums were like that. As we all know, the most famous creations are spread all over the world, but, despite this fact, these museums have lots of them.
From the antic art to the contemporary one, this museum is a synthesis between most of the art currents and talented artists. There are a lot of really-good-conservated artefacts from the Mesopotamians, Etruscs and Asirians. There is a beautiful garden inside full of Roman sculptures as well, like the Apollo Belvedere, Apoxiomenos or Laocoon.
Rafael, Van Gogh, H.Matisse, M. Chagall and S.Dali are the best examples of  the famous artists that have paintings hosted here. Yeah, man, you’ve got a lot to visit and the list is not finished yet.

  And here it is the Sistine Chapel– I think that literally it is one of the most famous artworks of Michelangelo. And it is. I liked it, especially because you could see how much effort Michelangelo put in this work.  So expressive, so stunning, so impressive. Although nearly every 5 min there was a voice who was reminding you not to talk and the “no videos and no photos please”, everybody was speaking and taking photos. Such rebel hearts.


That would be all for now. I really hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions just let me know.

Hugs and kisses,



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