My 2 penn’orth

But, why? Why would you pretend to be somebody else, when you are so unique, so real and so original in everything you do? It isn’t worth being like them if you have to change yourself drastically. Maybe you want to look differently, change your style, have some other qualities or act with that ‘bitch attitude’, in order to be one of them. But, baby, you don’t need that.

Try to understand (this is mostly for women) that you are extremely beautiful without having the perfect weight or the perfect skin. Really, you don’t have to use all those kilos of make-up to look perfect, because, you know, even the flawless top models aren’t. They’re human too. Did you know that some of them aren’t allowed to make some facial expressions in order not to get wrinkles? Feel happy because you have this freedom and, as Bruno Mars said, you’re amazing just the way you are. Try to enjoy your life as much as possible, to be beautiful in your own way, to impress others with your own awesome talents.

If you are different, sui generis, you will manage to be that somebody you’ve always wanted to be. The truth is, if you emphasize your own qualities, people will appreciate the fact that you’re trying to do your best. And this simple thing is itself a talent.

Let’s take an example: you’re good at music? Well, learn how to play a new instrument, sing more, read about legendary artists and composers, or just study the history of music. Try to be the best in this domain if you think you’re talented.  Have the boldness to show off your vocations, to be motivated to reach the front-rank.

Start making changes in your life if you really want to improve yourself- you don’t have to expect somebody else to do it for you. I tell you honestly, there are just a few people that really matter, whom ‘you can’t live without’ and those are the ones who would help you by all means.

However, love. Love and you’ll be loved. Try to focus just on the good things that happen to you, on your passions and on the people who you love unconditionally. And, suddenly, you will find yourself happier, more grateful and you will feel loved.

So just be yourself and try to improve your own qualities. Then you will be the best, true and unique version of yourself.


In ending this article, I want to show my gratefulness and write the list of people who helped this piece of work become true:

  • Lorin Niculae, my father, who has helped me make this blog come to life and has always told me to go past my own limits. Grâce à lui, I learned a lot of things and just tried to do my best in everything I have done- he’s inspired me a lot for this essay.
  • Anca Panait- the co-writer of this essay– she gave me some really interesting ideas for it. Thanks to her, I posted it earlier than I wanted.
  • Ruxandra Chirca , who corrected this text, as well as the previous one.



Joy of life, Barcelona, Park Guell, photograph by Lorin Niculae

Hugs and kisses,



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