Bibshell necklace

Summer is coming, so I’ve decided to show you this original and really easy way to give your look that summer vibe everybody’s looking for. And, guess what? It looks so awesome.

Here are the steps for doing it:

  1. Pick up the shells/ buy them. It took me so long to search for these seashells- I think that even more than 2 hours, because I wanted only seashells which were already holed. Walking on the warm sand, without any shoes, I simply enjoyed looking for them. However, you can also pick any seashell you like, make a hole in it and after that use it for your necklace. This is definitely easier, but I preferred not taking the risk of accidentally breaking them during this process.

2. Wash the seashells. Even though they’re coming from water, that doesn’t mean they’re clean.

3. Gather your tools.To make your necklace, you won’t need a lot of instruments: Bibshell is created in the ancient way (which I got inspired by in the Archeological Museum in Constanta, Romania). You need just:

  • Seashells: it depends on how many you want for your necklace
  • A band of cotton (at least 60 cm) – it’s better to measure your neck before that with a centimeter  in order to be sure that you have enough space to make that final bow
  • A nail file and a pair of scissors (optional). You use the nail file to take off the irregularities and the scissors for cutting that band- these 2 are ‘just in case’


4. Start making the proper necklace. Divide the band in 2 halves. I decided to make my necklace with 3 shells, so I started by putting the biggest shell (the one in the middle) on the band. I tied 2 knots and after that I repeated the process with the other 2 shells. Pay attention to the distance between the shells- it has to be equal, unless you want to have an asymmetrical one: still fashionable!

After you finish all these things, just tie it with a ribbon and wear it like a diva! Bibshell is a very comfortable necklace, which is beautifully handmade and you can even wear it with an elegant outfit, like I did.


Stay original and remember: always leave your mark on the lovely things you do.

Hugs and kisses,


*Thank you Ruxy for correcting this article and Alex and Gregorio for taking these photos. Love you guys so much.



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