Draga mea Constanța

A lot of people asked me why I like Constanta so much. Well, for me, it’s one of the places where I love going even in winter, as the sea is becoming more and more beautiful each season. But first, let me give you a short description of this place.

Constanta is a city on the Black Sea coast of Romania, the country I live in. Also known as Tomis (the name given by the ancient Greeks, when they conquered the Black Sea- Pontus Euxinus coast), it is the oldest inhabited city of Romania. Its calm atmosphere makes it such a pleasant place, where you imagine spending your schooldays in other dimension- you’d certainly like to take the first train and abandon the lessons.

I’ve recently been to this city in May, thanks to “The Black Sea Dance Contest”, where my sister competed. I had an amazing time, watching all sorts of ballerinas, doing my sister’s and her friends’ make-up and walking on the undisturbed sand.

I believe that the first reason for going to Constanta would be the sea, because of its serene and harmonious vibes. And, yes, I love promenading shoelessly on the coast, with that sandy breeze which moves my hair in such a melodious way. It’s one of the feelings that I’d never let go.

Another thing that you must do while going to Constanta is walking from the Casino to the On Plonge Restaurant, one of the best places where I’ve eaten seafood. It is a very pleasant stroll, which lasts ≈30 minutes.

Also, going to the Archaeological Museum will help you learn a lot about the local history (as a Greek colony), as well as the national one. Moreover, from pre historical times to modern ones, this museum has hosted a combo of ancient artefacts, like the “Thinker” and his Wife or the Glycon Snake. When I went there, it was a Rembrandt exhibition, where I saw lots of his sketches.

Near the Archaeological Museum it is the Old Centre, a place that you shouldn’t miss! Its bars and cafes make it very cosmopolite, where you usually see a lot of tourists. Its 18th-19th century buildings accommodate antiques shops or just stand as normal houses.

However, somewhere you definitely have to climb up to is the Minaret of the Mosque of Constanta, also known as Carol I Mosque. After rising to this challenge, you see an amazing view, from the top of the city. This delightful panorama makes all the stairs worth it.

Last but not the least, I think that one of the most important things that you have to see is the sunrise. The waves reflect the glorious arise, and, if you watch them closely, you’ll see a variety of overtones, so hard to mix up on a painting palette. The sun and the water become united, and the feeling while standing in front of this triumphant growth is really outstanding.

Thanks Dad for bringing me to this beautiful place. Love you a lot ♥

Hugs and kisses,



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