Perfection is optional

There are so many things that we call, nowadays, perfect. We actually love using this word, from describing an object, a celebrity… to our crush. I think that the moment when we literally apply too much this word is when we describe a famous person. I believe that it’s not the first time when you hear “OMG Kim’s lips are so perfect” or “I want to have Gigi Hadid’s body”. Well, you should think firstly that they are also people, like everyone, and if they can obtain that flawless look, you can too. Don’t limit yourself. Never do that.

But don’t you think that a lot of flawless celebrities aren’t natural, that their beauty consists (more or less) in those plastic surgeries? They feel they become perfect, and, as we all know, you usually find perfection in unusual stuff.  When somebody sees a girl without make-up, who is really beautiful like this, it is said that she is charming. But when you talk to her and she’s actually very intelligent, you immediately state that she is purely and completely perfect. That’s why I appreciate a lot people (no matter if they’re a famous person or just somebody I met on the street) who have the fascinating courage to walk being themselves, with their natural body, without making a fuss out of every situation they don’t like.

Life isn’t about having only the things you love. If you take only them, you might realize that you haven’t ever had some extraordinary experiences, which help you become a stronger person. And that’s why my opinion is that you have to take everything your life gives to you, to observe it and to make it turn in your favor. Nobody’s ever said that your life must be perfect, yet you can still easily make it so funny, lovely and glamorous, that everybody would say that it is irreproachable. Although you sometimes know it isn’t.

However, the concept of perfection varies from person to person. It matters from what point of view you admire it, from what kind of vision you analyze it. Another person has different tastes than you, another criterion, and this is the most natural thing in this world. So, if you see something as being flawless, but you friend says that it is definitely blemished, it’s completely normal! Every person has a different opinion about the matter of perfection, thing which shows the originality of each one. What can I say, the notion of perfection is absolutely abstract.

You see, this need to find perfection is very old. It started from the ancient Greeks, who were sculpting their idealistic beauty. After that, they realized that they couldn’t have continued sculpting only the perfect person, at the perfect age, with the perfect body. Then, the flawless body definition was a little bit different than now- women were not as skinny as nowadays- the tummy was very popular through the Afrodita’s. And, at men, muscles were a must! So, why are we still in search for perfection?

I believe that we will be seeking for our matter of perfection till we’ll become older and older. The truth is, maybe we’ll find this virtue in a lot of different things, situations, or people. It’s actually about how you will search for it, firstly.

Hugs and kisses,


♥ Special thanks to Anca Panait, who helped me write this article and Ruxi, who corrected it.


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