People’s Cave

The Cave of the Outlaw aka Grota Haiducilor (the “haiduci” were some Romanian Robin Hoods) is a cave in Valea Cernei, near Băile Herculane, Romania. Besides the fact that it was populated by primitive people, it is so special because, during ages, a lot of folks wrote their name on the walls.

It is really easy to get to this cave, especially because it is close to the main street. You just have to climb a small part of the hill, let yourself be guided by the directions and, voila! You’ll see the cave in front of you. This walk lasts ≈ 10 min and, what’s best about it, you don’t have to be a professional climber to get there.

However, let’s get back to other awesome facts about this back-country place. It is pretty small, comparing to the other caves I’ve been to, and it’s actually really simple to tour it. You just have to wander through all the writings and observe the interesting ones: the oldest signatures are from the early 1800s. Pretty unusual for a forsaken place, huh? Moreover, the landscape is gorgeous- the city arises from the middle of the trees.

Of course, because my sister and I are jocular kids, and my father is a really creative person, we decided to take some unusual photos. Here’s the result:

To cut the cackle and come to the horses, if you ever come to Băile Herculane, you must go to this mind-blowing cave, at least to skim it if not to look at its unique features closely.

Hugs and kisses,


Thank you Dad for taking these photos and Ruxi for correcting this article.


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