A Traveler’s House

When we arrived from the airport of Venice, we decided to visit my aunt, who lives in a small city near Treviso. Even though her name is Luigina, the entire family calls her Zia Cicciuzia, in Italian, means aunt and Cicciu is just an abbreviation of her name. I told you this because in this article I will refer to her as “Zia Cicciu”. However, Zio Salvatore is her husband.

Their house is stunning. It’s such a bright place, the perfect one for relaxing and feeling a calm atmosphere. Initially, it served as a peasant house, but Zia Cicciu and Zio Salvatore transformed it into a very comfortable and gorgeous villa- a small piece of Paradise.

Let me give you a hint: they are true travelers, who visited nearly all the corners of the world. From Peru to Hong-Kong, from India to Spain, they met lots of cultures, so different from one another. And, because these 2 people are so special, their house reflects their thoughts and especially their favorite hobby. If you ask me, their “home, sweet home” is one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen. Why?

Well, they always buy artifacts, traditional souvenirs, from every country they’re going to. Don’t think about those magnets or postcards- no! They come home with objects which represent that culture, like original African masks, Japanese marionettes or small Egyptian statues. There are so many things from all around the world in their house and you can see them just by looking at any wall or part of the house.

Obviously, like every person who genuinely loves traveling or gets ready for a journey, they have a library filled with books about various destinations. The truth is, I have a weakness for books in general- I fancy reading, especially volumes about cities that I want to visit.

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I really enjoyed spending 5 hours there, because stopping at Zia Cicciu’s and Zio Salvatore’s house is like going on a global journey, learning about foreign traditions and beliefs.

Other pics which were took during this petite reunion:



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