The House of Sun(flowers)

This house was finished during the Arhipera Summer School, which took place in July.

I think that now you are wondering what the Arhipera Summer School is. Well, Arhipera is a non-governmental association which builds houses for poor communities. If you want more info about it, here it is its site and facebook page: ,

I believe that you understood what this summer school is about. It lasts 6 days and it takes place in Belciugatele, a Romanian village, where SIASPA’s (Şcoala Internatioanala de Arhitectura Sociala Participativa Arhipera / Arhipera International School of Participatory Architecture) students put their projects into action. * this happens in the morning, before the lectures and photography classes in the afternoon*

And, now, that you are pretty informed about the school’s time and space, let the party begin.

My project was about decorating the façade. After a lot of attempts, like making a sun dial or a decor out of recicled materials, the approved project was the façade painting.

Because near the house there are many fields of sunflowers, we decided to make a composition inspired by these plants. It took some time to adjudge how the final sketch would look like, but in the end everything turned out to be beautiful.

Andreea, a really good friend of mine who also graduated the classes of SIASPA, helped me a lot and painted the flower on the right and a part of the left one.

In the end, the mural looked great, and the teamwork proved to be the best way to finish it in time and, at the same time, make it perfect. And, in case you’re wondering what we did each day (maybe you want to paint a façade or you’re just curious), here it is…the week’s diary with photos. You’ll see that many people (not just me and Andreea) worked hard for this masterpiece, that’s why I will write their names with some special thanks.

Day 1

We painted the wall in white. Of course, we used pigments (yellow and red) in order to be a more colored white- as artists say, we vibrated the color. Thank you Irina and Diana for helping us.

We dressed in some special suits, in which I think there were 50 degrees- we were becoming hotter.

Catalin helped us and painted the superior part of the wall. Because there was no tall ladder, he climbed the house in a way that just an authentic Spiderman could.

Day 2

We (Andreea and I) made the sketch in chalk and painted some petals. The upper flower was painted by Andrei, who helped us a lot thanks to his height. For this kind of projects, it’s important to have a tall and creative person near you.

*I have to say that, for making the colors, we mixed various pigments with white.

Day 3

We finished the first blank. We needed scaffolds and BCAs, so Stroe, Matei and Catalin moved these materials till they arrived in the best position.

Day 4

We started making the details and Catalin and Stefania painted the lower side of the wall in grey.

Day 5

We continued painting and sweating.

Day 6

We finished the last details and took lots of photos.

Thanks a lot guys for helping us making this project come true and Dad for organizing this summer school. Love youuuuu ♥



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