An evening in Cividale

My Zii (I will use this term because now you know what it means; ok, fine, maybe you forgot- aunt and uncle in Italian) invited my sister and I to have lunch together. My first thought…YEEEESSSS

I love spending time with them, especially because they are really funny and intelligent, with whom I can talk to hours and hours without getting bored.

Enough about my family, let’s talk about Cividale.

Cividale, a beautiful city, full of history, the first capital of the Longobards, part of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region etc. etc. The truth is I won’t bother you with all these aspects at one time, I will just bibzillos.

Because it was lunchtime, our Zii took us to the Al Monastero (, a place that I definitely recommend you to go. The food is really good, and, if you’re in love with the Italian dishes, this is the best restaurant to come to in Cividale! You’ll simply take a delight in eating here.

After we finished our lunch, we started strolling in this calm city. Unfortunately, we visited it on Wednesday, when almost everything was closed, so we couldn’t go to the Longobard Museum. Nor to the Tempietto Longobardo, because we’d gone out of time (however, guys, here it’s a site with a 3D view of it

Yet, the only thing we toured was the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which was built in the early 1500s. Here it’s kept the altarpiece of Pellegrino II, a gift endowed by the patriarch of Aquileia in the 1200s. A little silver piece of history.

We also went on the Ponte del Diavolo, about which are loooots of myths and you can’t decide which one was the afflatus- honestly, I believe they’re just some stories invented to scare skittish people and nothing more.

Of course, among lots of stories, titterings and laughs, we sightsaw this city in a very beautiful way, one to remember. Grazie Zio Paolo and Danila for this amazing trip and for the chance to see Cividale in a different way than now, thanks to your presence. ♥


Other side peeks here:


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