3 Days in Sibiu

Well, as you may know from my Instagram page, I went to Sibiu with my friends in a school trip. We had a really great time, lots of fun and guess what? I’m here to tell you all about my experience!

Ok, this time I will tell you the main places that you have to visit (of course, they are many more, this is just a synthesis signed Bibzillos)

6. The ASTRA Museum

If you’re interested in Romanian culture and traditional architecture, this is the best place to come to! It is reaaaally big, you can spend a whole day visiting it – we stayed for 2 hours and I thought I would freak out.


5. The Pharmacy Museum – here you can find a lot of old objects related to pharmacy, unfortunately you can’t take photos, unless you pay a tax

4. The Bridge of Lies


3. Piața Mare (The Big Square) – it’s the main square where you can find a lot of museums, bars, shops of all kinds (including donut shops) and restaurants.


2. The Brukenthal Museum

As an artist (or future artist) I really liked this museum, especially due to its famous paintings and the Romanian gallery of art – which I enjoyed a lot thanks to the artworks made by N. Tonitza, N. Grigorescu, Ş. Luchian, Misu Popp, G. Petraşcu and I. Ţuculescu. If you want to see the galleries in detail, you can check out the museum’s site: http://www.brukenthalmuseum.ro/index_en.html


1. The Lutheran Cathedral

It is really great to go inside this gothic monument and feel the 1400’s atmosphere. Did you know that the construction of this architectural monument lasted nearly 2 centuries, from 1371 to 1520?

Fun fact: we visited it and climbed the tower in only 15 minutes! Thatʼs because we realized on the last day of our trip that we hadn’t visited it, and before leaving Sibiu we decided to goo fooor ittttt. That’s why one of my main life lessons is that if you really want to achieve something, just try to do your best and use every muscle (just like we did) to make your wish come true. Even if it’s about a last moment arrangement or a long-term plan, such as aiming to become a super powerful person, work for it. And, please, remember something: you rock it!





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