It is often said that money can bring happiness and a lot of people’s life goal is to become a multi-billionaire. Unfortunately, sometimes, when your principal aim is earning money you suddenly forget about your relationships and your social life, which are definitely more important than anything else related to money.

Nowadays, there are many kids who don’t socialize anymore because they think the others “don’t deserve their precious attention”. Say whaaaat? Since when 5 year old kids started thinking like that? Because nearly everything in this world is material and has a specific price, real values are often forgotten. The new generations are taught to count money, for example to understand a Lamborghini’s worth, while the power of friendship, which connects so many people, is simply ignored.

However, some adults aren’t interested in direct human relationships anymore, because they’re principally focused on their careers. Moreover, they try not to build relationships with many people due to the fact that it’s uncomfortable to have so many friends who can make you suffer. I certainly don’t agree with this, mainly because friends are there for you when you need ‘em, they are the ones who, besides family, can always give you precious advice when you can’t decide over an important aspect of you life.

Why meet them when you can chat on Facebook? If the situation is more complicated, like such as living in different states, then it’s understandable. But, darling, if your besties live next door, why not visit them?

Also, it is usually stated that extrovert people, who love having friends, have more success in life than the ones who don’t. After all, friends help you build more relationships and the more people you know, the easier will be to find, for example, a job.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that friendship is more important than money, due to the benefit of society, as it helps it grow in a beautiful way.


 This is a photograph I took during the study trip organized by Arhipera, my favorite team which I really really really love, at the Biennale of Architecture.


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