My 2nd- Substratum

Hot chocolate & Cold Afternoons. This is the definition of today’s post, made in collaboration with Ioana Ps, a great friend and a talented artist.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

As November started with a bitter weather, we thought to cheer you up and give you some ideas for keeping up with the cold! Well, our fashion advice for these frosty days? Dress as comfortable as possible, in order to feel yourself and be warm. The truth is, if the outfit is really annoying and you’re cold like in an expedition to the North Pole dressed just in a bathing suit, then don’t go for it.


For this post, we’ve chosen the comfiest clothes ever. “my outfit keeps me hot and gives me so much self-confidence”- these are the words you must hear this season! So, we took an important decision and Ioana wore a sluggish dress, which she definitely loves and a classy winter scarf. What do you say ‘bout this match?


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Now you may ask why the title is Substratum. We just thought that, in cold days, you wear lots of coats, layers and layers of clothing, which are covering your beautiful soul. That’s why, no matter what you put on, your substratum will be the one that makes you unique and gives you that final glory touch, that winning way. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I’ve wanted so hard to photograph Ioana for this article: her personality is such a positive one, full of good thoughts and joy. She always takes life as a gift and her presence makes you feel better no matter what; that kind of brings the sun when it’s cloudy.

Cheers to each individual’s Substratum! //


H&M Dress and Wrap, Meli Melo Foulard, Timberland Boots



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