The Gift Epopee

A beautiful sight

we’re happy tonight

walking in a winter wonderland

This is my today’s mood. I definitely love making gifts, choosing them carefully and, in the end, offering them. I cherish the smile all people have when they receive gifts, that happy face of an overjoyed kid, who’s trying to solve the mystery of what’s inside that colorful wrapping paper.

As you may have already understood from my previous post, I absolutely adore Christmas- I think it is the happiest feast ever, the one when you constantly spread love to everybody in this world. I believe the winter atmosphere helps this lovely vibe a lot, making everybody so full of merry and joy. And now, while listening to Frank Sinatra singing carols, I am writing here about my adventure of buying symbolic gifts for my friends and their funny reactions.

So, some days ago I went shopping with my lovely best friend, Irina Ursea aka Brother Bear, who (guess what?) is going to be a blogger! You will be able to check out her beautiful & outstanding work soon, so stay tuned!

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Well, my darlings, I must assure you that we’ve lived a true adventure while going to buy Secret Santa’s presents. Even though it might sound an easy and effortless activity, it was way more difficult than we could ever think it would be- finding the perfect gift for Secret Santa is not as simple as it sounds!

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Firstly, I had to buy 7 gifts for this great & expensive Secret Santa. You know, Irina and I are kind of perfectionists, we really try to do our best in every single thing we do (our friends can confirm this!), so we definitely struggled to find a splendid gift for each person from the list.


However, full of positive vibes and hope- to find something cheap and lovely- we entered the mall at 11:55. I will not even mention the fact that we were seriously running out of time, as I was starting my classes at 12:00… And now you might expect me to describe in a mythological way how we bought the gifts in just 5 minutes and then arrived in time at school, just before the teacher came into the class! But this is not a hero type of story, nor a Wonderwoman’s activity, so I will just tell you the funny & naked truth- including the nearly missed class.

We went into A LOT of shops, trying to figure out what that Secret Santa person may want.

The gifts I bought

The truth is, when I’m in a hurry there are 2 possibilities: either I stop thinking rationally/ I just try to do my best to finish in time. That day was a mix of both of them, as I tried to focus as much as I could on the perfect presents and Irina, as my partner in this adventure, helped me a lot at finding them.

What did I buy then?

  • Socks– as Christmas is pretty cold in Romania, some fluffy & funny socks  make a pretty great gift to give to your close friends, who are in love with the Christmas vibe
  • Christmas decorations– my favorites! These can brighten your winter days, as you easily link them to the beast feast in the world!
  • Make-up items– yes, I have a lot of friends who are literally obsessed with make-up, so this type of present was the best one for them
  • Winterish mugs– I think that everybody enjoys drinking hot tea surrounded by comfy pillows while watching a good film (or Home Alone ☺)

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My friends’ reactions

They were really really happy. We were surrounded by a cheerful atmosphere, full of optimism & laughter. As a friend of mine bought for each of us glitter, we had a glitterish fight, which ended with a silver-coated Gabi. Nice, right?

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Photos by Irina and I

I must thank Ruxy a lot for correcting this article, love youuuu ♥


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