My 8th- Fauxy Furry

Since these winter months were very cold (like really really cold- in Romania, schools were even cancelled for a week due to these low temperatures), we thought to approach a winter friendly outfit. And, as the faux fur is one of the most fashionable articles of the moment, we decided to present you 2 ideas … Continue reading My 8th- Fauxy Furry


Predeal & The Happiness of Being a Child Again

Well, for me, Predeal is more than a city. It’s a state of mind, it’s the place where you can understand nature in the purest way ever, it represents the fairytale joy. So, in my family trip to Predeal, I had a moment of finally waking up after being unconscious about life’s beautiful treasures- not … Continue reading Predeal & The Happiness of Being a Child Again

My 7th- Pastel Winter

I’ve always loved pastel colors. Why? Well, they inspire an unusual harmony and they give the outfit an elegance touch. 2 in 1!For this post I’ve chosen pastel clothes, because I definitely adore the way they look together. The beauty is that this outfit is a ‘lil bit office (thanks to the trousers) and classy, … Continue reading My 7th- Pastel Winter

My 6th- Psychedelic City

This article will include the city I live in, the beautiful & unique Bucharest. Why psychedelic? Well, sometimes the urban landscape is so psychedelic, that you feel like trapped in another world. Alice, where is you Wonderland?So, this article was made in a pretty psychedelic place, full of drawn lines, highlights & shadows. Usually, you … Continue reading My 6th- Psychedelic City

My 5th- Fashion on Top

Today I’m gonna present you one of my good friends, Andreea. She’s a really intelligent girl (just A’s guys, just A’s!) and, as you’ll see next, a pure fashionista. I absolutely love her style. Elegance, common sense & self-confidence: these are the 3 characteristics of today’s post! Her huge self-confidence is shown in her way … Continue reading My 5th- Fashion on Top