My 4th- Let it Snow

As 2017 started full of good vibes and joy, I prepared a New Year surprise for you guys! – besides my weekly Friday post (the one which fits in any category), each Monday I will post a new Fashion article, a lot of them featuring my awesome friends! So, my dears, stay tuned for more!

I love snow and, because my awe-inspiring parents (whom I love a lot) thought of making a trip to Predeal, I decided to- why not?- have a really winterish shooting. Of course, being -10 degrees outside, I dressed winter-appropriately in order to be warm enough while it was snowing heavily.


This winter’s must? The long crème overcoat! If you ask me, it was definitely the perfect match! I felt in love with this winter-friendly coat, which was so practical & fashionable at the same time.


However, due to the low temperature, I went for the oversized turtleneck sweater. Fun fact: I’ve found this slightly large jumper in my Mum’s wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier of such pray. Honestly, I love its hipsterish vibe, but unfortunately you won’t see it in this article’s pics, because it was too cold for taking my coat off. Sorry for this ‘lil misunderstanding between the weather and I.


The grey jeans were actually the easiest way to make this outfit in pastel shades. As I enjoy a lot these dashes and the grace they give to the outfit, I decided to try to make it as pastel as possible- mission (im)possible!


Passing on to boots, it was an easy choice. I went for my pastel Timberlands, thanks to their coziness and to the fact that they were perfectly matching my whole outfit. The best accessories? The elegant black gloves- simply charming!


So guys, stay tuned for more Fashion articles, as from now on I will post a new one each Monday!



Photos by my awesome sister: @olga_the__goddess

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