My 5th- Fashion on Top

Today I’m gonna present you one of my good friends, Andreea. She’s a really intelligent girl (just A’s guys, just A’s!) and, as you’ll see next, a pure fashionista.

I absolutely love her style. Elegance, common sense & self-confidence: these are the 3 characteristics of today’s post!

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Her huge self-confidence is shown in her way of being, as her attitude is a really positive one, full of joy and good humor. One thing’s for sure: you can’t get bored in her presence.img_7528So, for this article we got inspired by a girl’s main traits: femininity & smartness. We thought to approach a type of fashion that is different from my other articles: a less comfortable one but a way more elegant one. What’s more, this nearly monochrome outfit is very classy &fab, perfect for almost every redez-vous.

fullsizerenderWe focused on the elegant details and on the clothes’ mix. Because Andreea didn’t like how the dress looked this season (it was too summerish!), she added a simple black blouse under it to make it more appropriate.img_7531That’s why I believe in everybody’s creativity. Even though it is just about a fashion match or something more, each of us should be opened enough to exhibit their cleverness.


Photographed by me

Promod Coat , Zara Dress & Blouse, Musette Shoes

You can follow Andreea here: @andreeaaa0 and for awesome photos & quotes@photo.closet

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