We are the Change

A lot of people criticize Romania for what it is. More and more foreigners don’t even want to hear about it because of the horrible traffic jams, the corruption which stands out nearly everywhere you go and the educational system which is said to destroy so many personalities. Also, nearly all my friends who live here say they want to move anywhere else, simply because of this wrecking country.

But I don’t see this.

I try to see all these situations through the lens of change and, like in photoghaphy, this lens shows me the world we can create.

A lot of people tell me I don’t see the things as they actually are, that my reality is pinker, more beautiful, still untrue. But they can’t change my vision, they can’t change the world I’ve been living in since I was born, they can’t change me.

Even though I live in this country, where a lot of things are not as they should be, I don’t want to be seriously affected by this. I see all my Romanian friends, who are so wonderfully beautiful that I can’t stop being grateful for a second for having them in my life. I’ve noticed that in every single space on this planet, with/without political problems, fascinating people can grow up- that’s why I don’t blame Romania for anything, I actually thank her for all her natural alluring places which have taught me so much. From her waterfalls to her calm mountains, I believe that each one of these raw miracles is essential for our way of being.

 I try to take the best in each situation, live truly and love each moment of my life. Although this might sound pointless to some of you, for me it isn’t at all; tempus fugit faster than it ever did. We stop thinking about the now moment, we’re always projecting ourselves in the future, trying to solve the life question- what is our purpose on Earth? How can we find the precious answer if we’re always on a mental hurry, forgetting about the importance of being alive and loving each moment of the lifetime? You must live. Now. Forget all the problems you had, try to focus on the good things, because, as a lot of religions say, if you do good good will come back to you. And, trust me, this phrase is now truer than it has ever been.

We’re living in a consumerist society, where a lot of people forget about the soul values. I know, I was like this too, but now I have changed. For all my (ex)friends who have known me interested only in trade-name companies, I’ve improved so much I can’t recognize myself from some years ago. That’s how it is. Life changes us.

I beg you to live. To live truly. To forget for some time your problems and focus on the good side. To stop criticizing everything which surrounds you instead of taking it for granted, because you can’t swap the whole world in order to create your perfect one. To have enough courage to work for your dreams, because they’re even more important than the wish- if you start working for them, half of the road to success is almost completed. To love everybody, even though they’ve harmed you; I know that it is hard to do it, I know, but in this world already full of wars, why would you still hate? Isn’t it enough hatred on Earth?

I beg you, I beg you, live. Please, don’t forget to enjoy each moment, see the best in people, laugh with your beloved ones and live/love your own life. Because it is undoubtedly important to create your own path and work for it.

Do you want to modify something in this country, in this world?

Time has arrived. We are the generation. We are the change. 

I think that if you want to make the world a better place, you can start right now. I got inspired by a lot by Marian Popescu’s (http://marianpopescu.arts.ro/) wise words:

“I think we were born to be better. What can I do to make this happen?”

“Cred că ne-am născut ca să fim mai buni. Ce pot face eu pentru asta?” (Marian Popescu)


 I must thank my family and friends from all times who have inspired me to write this article and supported me a lot with expressing my true self on this blog. I love you all and I hope you know that.


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