My 6th- Psychedelic City

This article will include the city I live in, the beautiful & unique Bucharest. Why psychedelic? Well, sometimes the urban landscape is so psychedelic, that you feel like trapped in another world. Alice, where is you Wonderland?IMG_8990.PNGSo, this article was made in a pretty psychedelic place, full of drawn lines, highlights & shadows. Usually, you can find these different corners in the most unexpected venues, from the gate of a garage to an artsy wall, made on purpose to look that way. For example, I’ve chosen AFI’s façade.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis outfit is definitely one of my favs. Seriously, I. LOVE. IT. It is a pure example of the city stylish mode, with a little hipsterish glimpse, thanks to the Zapa jacket- which, as a matter of fact, I’m crazy ‘bout! Thanks Mom.img_9304Of course, in order to highlight this assymetrical jacket’s look, I wore some classy black tights with some brown ankle boots. As I’m horrible at walking on heels (even though I like them a lot and I would wear ‘em if I could…), I’ve found these boots which, thankfully, suit me perfectly!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetA little announcement for humans like me: Dear people-who-cannot-walk-on-heels, I’ve discovered these very comfy boots, which are actually perfect for us! They’re very chic, they give you that perfect height and, besides all these awesome arguments, you can dance all night in them without major damages (already tested!).img_8998However, this outfit is really good for warm winter days, spring moments or autumn occasions.img_9312As I simply love Egyptian necklaces (that’s the way I call them), I blended the baby pink cropped sweater with a red necklace, in order to highlight the upper part of the outfit, too.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Outfit: Zapa Jacket, Mango Necklace, Atmosphere Cropped Sweater, Zara Tights, Benvenuti Ankle Boots

Photos by my awesome bestie: @irina_ursea

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