Predeal & The Happiness of Being a Child Again

Well, for me, Predeal is more than a city. It’s a state of mind, it’s the place where you can understand nature in the purest way ever, it represents the fairytale joy.

So, in my family trip to Predeal, I had a moment of finally waking up after being unconscious about life’s beautiful treasures- not only landscapes or snowy mountains, but also forgotten feelings. Due to the heavy snow, I felt once again like a little kid surrounded by unknown miracles. And I’m truly grateful about it.

I’ve rediscovered how’s like to be a kid again and to be happy for no adult reason. To forget for some time about your problems and live in the now moment, to feel blessed because you’re alive in this wonderful world.

I’ve recaptured the sincere bliss of rolling in the snow, the childish glee of running to catch snowflakes with the tongue and the beatitude of laying in the warm snow while watching the silent winter sky.

I’ve re-felt the enchantment of breathing the mountains’ smell after an arctic blizzard, the excitement of realizing that’s snowing so hard that you can’t even see 1 m ahead,  that your hair is full of that mountain-pure-like snow and that you’re blushing in that authentic way due to the freezing atmosphere.

I’ve re-experienced the joy of skiing, the thrill of crossing the icy mountains in high speed and the pathos of rushed snowflakes which dash into your face while cutting across the cliffs.

≈a fairytale of feelings≈

I was… recapturing some precious twinkles in just 2 days. And, honestly, I am genuinely content I’ve done that.img_0547img_0546img_0544img_0543img_0548


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