My 8th- Fauxy Furry

Since these winter months were very cold (like really really cold– in Romania, schools were even cancelled for a week due to these low temperatures), we thought to approach a winter friendly outfit. And, as the faux fur is one of the most fashionable articles of the moment, we decided to present you 2 ideas of outfits- both of them featuring this must-have item! The supermodel you’ll see next is Antonia, my awesome & lovely cousin; without any more introductions, I hereby present you the 2 main ways to wear the faux fur!IMG_9263.JPEG

  1. The practical way

Ok, this one is a basic mode to wear the faux fur. It is really practical, you can easily go nearly everywhere dressed like this, as it’s comfy and chic at the same time. img_9262School days, extra-classes, friends’ meetings, redez-vous– everything becomes even more glamorous if you wear this combo!

Besides the fact that the outfit looks pretty chic, it is really cozy- you can read the happiness on her face when wearing it!


  1. The stylish way

Well, this one is a must. Why? It is perfect for a night out, clubbing, or a ‘go-out’ with your friends. The simple white shirt gives a classy twist to this combo, which is actually based on fashionable contrasts! img_9260img_9268img_9261What’s so nice about this outfit? The details complete it, like the fishnet tights which can be easily seen through the boyfriend jeans. Everything is based on valuable details.img_9246The slip-on Vans were the perfect match, thanks to their stylish glimpse and also confortness. What could be better than this?img_9235

Make-up advice: The make-up she’s wearing is pretty perfect for both looks, as it’s a natural one with a pop of green under the eyes. This way she can highlight her beautiful green eyes and it matches the outfits so harmoniously!


So you perfect-girls-with-green-eyes, go check out this make-up, we promise you the best results!


Your Sylvie

Photos by me. You can follow Antonia here:@antoniagrosu


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