Dear Romania

Dear Romania,

What’s happening to you?

Mai are România vreo şansă? 

A lot of people tell me that, as a 16 year old girl, I can’t understand politics. But, right now, I’m even more conscious about our country’s situation than some adults are. Even though till now I didn’t care so much about this subject, the uprising has woken me up. You know- sometimes, all we need is a major impact in our life to realize something which has been completely unknown before.

Romania was slowly dying. This is the truth. The corruption was growing to extremely high levels, more and more politicians were trying to embrace fraud as a lifestyle and, what’s worse, they were trying to convince the population that they’re doing the right thing. They thought we were less awake. But, thanks God, we were more conscious than we’d ever been.

I am a teenager. I have a voice. Like many other teens like me, I have joined this peaceful revolution, which only aims to make Romania more honest… more ethical. Even though most adults ignore us, we are actually more informed and principled than they think we are. We are the change. If we want to bring it, time is now. Go out and hope for it. One thing’s for sure- we are being heard.


Photos by a truly awesome friend: the lovely @andreeaaq


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