My 9th- Glitter Green

Cold, cold, cold days. While strolling on Calea Victoriei, Ana found a great place to take photos and, of course, suggested it to me. Well, what could I do besides going to this awesome place and making a photo-shooting? Bibzillos tradition!Processed with VSCO with g3 presetAna is one of my besties. Actually, I can undoubtedly admit that she’s been my best friend since the oldest times, maybe that’s why we’re so close to each other- that I-can-fully-trust-you kind of friendship. In a nutshell, she’s the type of person who can make you feel better no matter what, who comes up with the craziest ideas to cheer you up. img_8152The most recent blissful idea she told me was the glitter fact. She thought that (why not?!) spread glitter all over her face. Naturally, because I poured it on her head- and my hands were freezing- the glitter succeeded to bob up on her clothes, too. So we gladly present you the Bibzillos Glitterish Outfit!IMG_8154.PNGHer outfit is a really simple & stylish one. The kaki dress highlights her eyes, as her green dash is simply… stunning. Do you know all those famous eye quotes? Well, they’re true-

The eyes, chico, they never lie.img_8149However, this outfit can be easily called City Chic. It is definitely perfect for going out and really simple to wear. What could be better than this?img_8176


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