As you may know, I am pretty obsessed with trying new things, lifetime adventures or getting to know the unknown. That’s why I want to try a new activity (or more!) every month, so from now on I will post an accomplished goal at the end of each one! So what does MAG mean? Well, … Continue reading #MarchMAG


Superstar us!

Yes, we've all gone through the Superstar fever. Since last year these Adidas shoes have gone viral, we thought of showing you 3 awesome ways to wear 'em! They are so essential to everyday life so that we couldn't, you know, not make it Bibzillos. They're literally perfect for everything- yes, E. V. E. R. … Continue reading Superstar us!

Urban Black

City Chic? Aye aye! Today, we've prepared for you, my-dear-royal-guys, this awesome version of a city chic style starring my beautiful friend, Maria! Let's Bibzillos!Well, today's outfit is all black (I can proudly say poetic black), as the only items which give a colorish glimpse to the combo are the golden city sneakers!What's so amazing … Continue reading Urban Black

10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated

This article is for us, the incurable voyageurs! I think that we all tried at least once that horrible feeling of boredom on an airplane, when it is a too-extremely chill atmosphere. Literally too chill- that unhealthy chill, which seems to make you sick. For some of my dear guys: even if you're not some … Continue reading 10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated