10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated


This article is for us, the incurable voyageurs! I think that we all tried at least once that horrible feeling of boredom on an airplane, when it is a too-extremely chill atmosphere. Literally too chill– that unhealthy chill, which seems to make you sick.

For some of my dear guys: even if you’re not some complete travelers, you may find in this article some useful tips for your next or first airway trip!

However, if you’re traveling with your friends it’s really hard to get bored. Already tested.




  1. Sleep

Ok, sleeping is one of the most valuable options- actually the best one. If you’re a person who can fall asleep easily, then go for it! Besides, if you’re on a long-night-airplane-journey, sleep seems to be the best thing ever invented!

But, if you are like me and you can’t close your eyes in an airplane (there are rare moments when I do), you must try the other options:


  1. Write your impressions

It is really nice expressing your thoughts about your flights, because, trust me, they are so different from one another. Honestly, I love doing it, so maybe one of the next articles will be about a random flight from my life!p1400248


  1. Listen to music

It is, I believe, the easiest one to accomplish. You just have to get your headphones plugged and then… ta daaaa! you’re listening to your favorite artists!


  1. Read

Read…. duuuh. I don’t know why I put it on the 4th place, perhaps because if your hand luggage is already full, you may not have enough place for a book. Still, if you’re a true reader, then a fascinating book is all you need!  All you need is love just a book!p1430536


  1. Watch the landscapes (and the sky)

p1410617You do this thing like incognito, without even realizing it. Why? Because it’s normal to pay attention to what surrounds you and be captivated by the awesome world we’re living in! Of course, it is really indicated to take the iconic airplane pics, with the little world at your feet. The only problem with it is that you can’t do it continuously for a very long flight, so- guess what?- I came with the next alternative:


6. Talk

I. Love. Talking. Once, when I was traveling from Wien to Bucharest, I learned the German basics thanks to a 2h German lessons held by a lovely stranger who was sitting next to me! Trust me, you can create unexpected friendships due to some airplane random conversations. My advice? Go for it!


7. Play cards

If there is a stranger next to you whom you can hold some conversations with (if not a friend!), you can play cards. Luckily, the most popular card games are known all over the world, so you will find some minor difficulties- or none!- to establish the main rules with the seat neighbour. As not all the airplane companies give you cards, you will have to make your luggage way more heavier with a pack!


  1. Watch a movie

As you may have noticed from my Movie posts, I enjoy watching films a lot, that’s why I highly recommend you doing this activity! I promise you that time will fly, just like the airplane does!


  1. Go for some games

Such as phone games. I am not a fan of spending time like this, but airplane times call for airplane situations.p1410636

And last, but not the least… n•10!


  1. Write about everything & anything!

As you may have noticed before, I am a blogger so I love writing about all sorts of subjects. However, you can have any occupation for being able to write, so, my royals, just do it! If while flying a great idea bobs up, then go ahead and write it– nobody stops you!


Fun fact: I’ve written this article during a 3/35h flight to Madrid, so yes, this is the confirmation for the last point.


So my royals,

If you’ve ever experienced/known other ways to get rid of the boredom on an airplane, you can leave them in the comments below!


Princess Sylvie


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