Madrid, the City of… Love!

I don’t even know where to start! I spent some marvelous 3 days in the beautiful Madrid, where I had an AMAZING time. Why did I love it that much? Well, Madrid is the kind of place that you’ll never want to leave, thanks to its beauty that you see literally everywhere- from the classy buildings to the talkative people.

Welcome to Madrid- the city that leaves you stunned!

As I love collecting notebooks and I usually write all my ideas, life impressions and thoughts on some of them (I really have lots of notebooks, ask my friends)… guess what? I took one with me for this awesome trip to fill it with all my Spanish-Moroccan adventures! So, as I love experimenting new things, this post will be like a travel diary!

My dears, what should you do in Madrid for a city-break? You’ll see next!


Day 1

What did we do today? The Museums’ Tour! Well, as we stayed just 3 days in the wonderful Madrid, we had to visit as much as we could and make the most of our time!

So, in a chronological order, we woke up and then we went to:


  1. Palazzo Reale

I really liked the armors’ exhibition, which was so impressive! The thing which annoyed me the most was that taking photos was forbidden (like in Prado, same problem!), but, of course, I managed to take some pics- SKILLS!

Some rooms seemed to represent the definition of opulence, while others were decorated so aesthetically correct! Seriously now, it was a pleasure to scroll through this baroque palace which was the home of so many royal generations, where so many great minds of various centuries spoke up their ideas. Have you ever thought of visiting it? I think that, if I’d stayed more here, my blood would have magically become… blue!Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc preset

After we finished our itineracy, we crossed the street and entered the:


  1. Almudena Cathedral aka Santa María la Real de La Almudena

We visited this cathedral thanks to Buni, who insisted so much with seeing it that we couldn’t say no! Official gratefulness. I enjoyed a lot observing its avant-garde design, with its distinctive mosaics so different comparing to the traditional handlings. Of course, from the dome you could see a great panorama, from where you could take lots of urbanistic photos!Processed with VSCO with nc preset

When we completed the Cathedral’s tour, we went to the:


  1. National Archeological Museum

I. LOVED. IT! I think this is one of my favorite museums of all time, thanks to its awesome design and innovative spaces! Literally, #architectureporn. That’s the truth!

Besides its breathtaking design, which impressed me so-so-much, its artefacts were uhmmm….pretty mediocre. Just kidding- all the museum’s collections were amazing, with a lot of interesting artefacts kept in the best conditions! It was a true satisfaction strolling in this stunning place, surrounded by ancient objects which form our history.Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc preset

Even if I could stay there all day all night, we had to leave to:


  1. PRADO!

As we arrived there at 7 pm, it was pretty crowded because the tickets were free (instead of paying 16 € for them- so quite a good deal).

Velasquez, Rubens, Van Dyck, Hieronymus Bosch, van der Weyden, Rembrandt + many more… well, I’ve seen them all! Prado is a huge museum full of art, which you’ll simply fall in love with!

Even if it was forbidden, I took pictures of the great masterpieces with my phone… Oops I think I did it again!

Literally there were a lot of pièces de résistance which impressed me, so I’ll try to them sum up and write just about the most breathtaking: Descent from the Cross (van der Weyden), The Announciation (Fra Angelico) – this one left me s.t.u.n.n.e.d., The Garden of Earthly Delights (El Bosco), Las Meninas (Velázquez), Harmony (Grien), The Adoration of the Magi (Rubens) and a lot more. Like a lot. Many many more.Processed with VSCO with nc preset


Day 2

It was actually half a day, as we had an airplane flight headed to Marrakech later that evening. Yea guys, I visited a new continent and I promise I’m going to tell you my Moroccan adventures as soon as I can!

Ok, as this day was shorter, we saw fewer cultural attractions, mostly focusing on the awesome people and atmosphere. Rainy atmosphere. Cause it damned rained, and everything was cold and wet. Why did you play, dear Madrid, this lousy joke on me?Processed with VSCO with nc preset

Thanks to a divine inspiration I was dressed appropriately, so in the end I bore this situation. However, we saw:


  1. The Egyptian Temple

Which, as a matter of fact, was dedicated to Amon Ra and Isis. It didn’t impress me that much, maybe because of the RAIN and the protection fences, that didn’t let you get closer to admire it.Processed with VSCO with nc preset


  1. Museo Reina Sofía

MY FAVORITE! I saw a lot of celeb artworks, like Picasso’s Guernica, Rothko’s essential art, Dali’s living paintings, Miro’s aesthetic figures and Masson’s masterpieces. I simply loved visiting it! Its design was so cool, with really nice exterior elevators from where you could admire the Madridian surroundings!

So. Cool. So-so-so-cool.


Day 3

After we came back from the African culture, we arrived on European land! This day was clearly one of my favorites in my entire life, thanks to the ideal sun shining so beautifully over the Spanish sky and the awesome positive vibes. What could be greater than this?

This day I fulfilled one of my dreams. I literally accomplished one of my major life goals. I’ve got in…



Yes, guys, you heard right. I managed to visit the main floors of this amazing hotel, a must-see for aspiring architects. What is so special about it? Well, it is so wonderful because each floor is designed by another famous international architect. From the outside it is not that impressive, but once you get in… you are stunned.

Now I have to tell you my Puerta America Bibzillos adventure.

Normally, I didn’t have the permission to visit any floors (as I didn’t have the hotel’s card to use the elevator), but since I’m a pretty talkative person and I know how to handle these kind of situations, I started talking with the people at the reception desk. Initially, they didn’t want to let me in at all, but after that I began explaining that I’m an architecture student, that I’ve learnt about Zaha Hadid and I must see her work, that I came in Madrid just for one day and I leave tomorrow and I came from the other part of the city just to visit this hotel.… all in all, I talked a lot and I don’t even know if they got all the words I said. However, after I finished my monologue they told me to wait a little in order to call the hotel manager, to see if they can obtain a special permission for me. And fortunately they managed to get it! I couldn’t be happier!

Ok, Zaha Hadid was absolutely amazing! Simply thrilling! Her floor deserved all the trouble- she created such a sinuous & interesting space! You could recognize her signature from the moon, it was all so Zahaish. It was breathtaking. Literally.  Processed with VSCO with nc presetAfter I finished wondering through Zaha’s characteristic fluidity, I went to the last floor, from where you could see a frightening panorama, the Christopher Alexander floor, David Chipperfield’s, Victorio & Lucchino’s and Norman Foster’s.Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc preset

Anyway, after I took lots of photos to remember this memorable moment, we headed to:


  1. Gran Via

Aka the best shopping place in Madrid. If you’re a shopping-addict, here’s the best place to come to! I loved strolling around this beautiful serene boulevard, full of joy and great vibes! Mostly shopping vibes.Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc preset

Well, because we could not stay all day just for shopping (I could’ve done that, but we didn’t have enough time), we went to our final destination in Madrid:


  1. The Buen Retiro Park

Literally one of the most beautiful parks ever, thanks to its monuments, atmosphere and happy people! Can you imagine a fairytale land in our world? This park looks like one, for real! Full of talented singers, friendly people and a lot of smiles- it makes you wanna come back! This place has a lot of important sights, such as the Velasquez Palace, which hosts exhibitions, and the Crystal Palace which seems to be the definition of elegance in architecture!Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with nc presetMy dears, this park is not a usual one. That’s why you must give it a chance and go visit it: I promise you won’t regret it!


So, my dear guys, this Madrid story is over. I hope I’ll come back as soon as I can, as this unique city impressed me so much- I won’t ever ever forget this experience. Meanwhile, stay tuned to read my Moroccan adventures, coming up in the next few weeks!Processed with VSCO with nc preset

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Love you all,
Princess Sylvie


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