Baby Pink

One of the comfiest & cutest outfits ever! As baby pink is the latest color crush (mine and Cora’s, of course), we thought of making an article celebrating this awesome shade!P1440260Cora is the kind of girl you’ll immediately start talking to like old friends, even though you’ve just met. You know, that kind of a person who is literally so damn funny that you can’t stop laughing with. Who is funny sometimes without even wanting to. Who is so empathetic that you suddenly start telling each other all sorts of life stories. What could be better for my psyche than meeting Cora on a beautiful day?P1440384P1440447P1440265P1440268This outfit represents her. It is pretty teenagy, thanks to the baby pink t-shirt which gives a dash of personality to this combo. As the fishnet tights fashion has grown really big, she thought of integrating them in this springish outfit. Despite the fact that it might look complex, it is actually really simple to wear: all you need is charm and you’ll rock it! Moreover, it is perfect for a spring day, because it is excellent for that in-between weather: not-too-cold-not-too-hot, you know? It is the kind of outfit you wear when wanting to break free after a frozen winter, to embrace nature’s revival and your unique style.

Make-up tips: use red tones with a hint of rose gold, in order to highlight the main traits and the amazing outfit!

P1440316P1440477P1440363P1440369P1440349Why is this outfit a must? Well, it is perfect for an April day, when you just want to dress to express your enchanting personality!P1440427P1440452

Photos by me. You can follow Cora here: @cora


Princess Sylvie


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