Blue(s) Black

Why blue(s) black? Well, as summer is officially coming, I couldn’t help not to add a blue dash to all photos- see you at the seashore in the hot summer holiday! Yes guys, summer is coming… can you even realize how soon we’re going to have a huge break from school? This outfit shows the pure statement of going out in a very simplish but summerish combo, all worn by the amazing Ioana Ps!IMG_5094IMG_5073IMG_5078

Well, it is a very simple outfit- all you need is a minimalistic black dress & your awesome personality! Its beauty is that it’s all about details… you know, the way the dress moves in a summerish breeze, its little cuts, how the hair gently touches the whole outfit, how a sincere smile can change the appearance. All these form a very nice image on the whole for a great outfit for any rendez-vous.

However, this outfit makes you skinnier. Why not try it? If you just add a small accessory, like a tiny silver necklace, it will have an elegant touch.IMG_5084IMG_5085IMG_5115Why is this outfit a must? As it’s very practical and really easy to wear, it’s a must for summer 2k17!IMG_5102IMG_5126

You can follow the awesome Ioana here: @ioana_ps

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