My London Dream

London… what a dream come true! I’ve visited it with some really dear friends whom I love a lot, so London became a truly achieved goal! What can I say more? It was all like an inner wish which fantastically came to life!

Yes, guys, London is a truly multicultural city, where you feel welcomed in every possible way. From the friendly people to the sunny atmosphere (all 4 days were sunk in a deep rainless climate), we had a great time, full of laughter and beautiful memorable moments!

Well, this was the 2nd time I came here and I honestly couldn’t be happier, especially thanks to the funny presence of my great friends. Among the museum visits’, a lot of walking and shopping days, we couldn’t stop feeling grateful we’re together in the dream-city of London!

On the first day, after having a 3h flight from Bucharest, we started sightseeing this awesome city. Of course, nearly all the time Irina (my bestie) and I were behind the group, due to our love for photography and need to capture the most precious moments (and architecture, tbh). I truly felt the excitement of being in an unknown place, the need to discover a lot of Londonese streets and the joy of having my besties near me. It was all a mix of happy emotions, peace of mind and, of course… the delight of finally being in London. OpenBig Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Piccadilly Circus with its famous Oxford and Regent Street… we saw it all. The 1st day was an introduction to the many adventures yet to come, all the running, all the miracles which were happening in this beautiful city. Our 2nd day was in Oxford (soon I’ll write an article about it, too), so I’ll jump right to the 3rd day, which was a really bold one. Let me start with the beginning of our heroic teenagy plan.CompositionPiccadilyLandscapeComposition on WaterA band in PiccadilyPurple PowerOur main goals being here were divided into many parts: of course, we managed to complete (nearly) all of them. So, by taking a London map from the hotel, we decided which museums we should visit and we made a tourist’s walking plan. Pretty smart, right?

We started from the Natural History Museum, which was even more outstanding than I remembered it. Its exhibitions were really interesting, everything was explained in an-easy-to-understand-way, so that even that youngest kid can perceive it. Nature was presented in all the possible ways, that’s why I personally think that everyone should visit it: you acquire a lot of new ideas about our amazing world.Naughty DinoYes, he isNatural History MuseumIrina and the birds

Next stop: Victoria & Albert Museum. Well, we went into this one thanks to Irina, who had seen it and came with the great idea of getting in. It was simply said extraordinary! What did I love about it the most? The Renaissance collection, based on the most famous reproductions of the most well-known masterpieces, dating from the Late Gothic to the High Renaissance! It was a delight for me seeing it all together, as I’m an Art student who right now– coincidence or not- is studying Renaissance. Can’t even tell you in words how breathtaking it was!Victoria & Albert Museum

After that? Harrods! I know this is not a touristic attraction, but you can’t tell you visited London without even seeing Harrods! Even though it’s pretty opulent with a little amount of kitsch, if you’re a toys’ fan you must go to the Toy Kingdom: promise you won’t regret!Outside HarrodsHarrodsToy Kingdom- Harrodspay attention to the detailsThen we went to the Buckingham Palace, and after that we walked straight down to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. I was really pleased of seeing Westminster Abbey in all its beauty, with its impressive Gothic façade. Remarkable, right?Marble ArchBuckingham PalaceWestminster AbbeyHappy HorsesGuess what we did after this? We went to the National Gallery, which was simply said perfect! It was full of Early Renaissance, Renaissance and Mannerist paintings- so just think how happy I was. Really, really, really happy.

National GalleryNational Portrait Museum

After the museum closing, we went to Trafalgar Square, where there was held a thrilling street show with fire. Trafalgar Square was as great as I remembered it, and what I appreciated the most was its twilight rays: so many colors, so many red dashes, so many emotions expressed through light!Trafalgar Square at TwilightTrafalgar SqareDay 4 was unfortunately the final one, as I believe we could stay there forever and ever. We saw the Changing of the Guard at the Buckingham Palace which, from my point of view, was pretty boring, so we left for the Oxford Street– a shopping delight! We did our final purchases, Irina was radiant, we were all very happy- and then we left for the airport, for Bucharest.

We still have that Londonese joy in our soul, that English unique cheer so, my dears, I will post here some pictures with us.  With the group, with the happiness which was reflected in everything: from the buildings to the joyous faces.VictoriaThe Guard Changeupside downThe GroupLego LandLondon's Sweetest AttractionM&Mright or leftLondon at TwilightAnneCosta costa costaContemplativeBeautiful CataHamleys aka Toys' ParadiseFooooooodgurlzHappy BirthdayCata, stunning as alwayscan you spot master yodaHappyIconicYes, she's breathtakingM&M Worldmy brother bearOlga, the awesomeSearch the BusesThe 3 GracesLaura and the London EyeThe Happy GroupWe're HereThe Little Pigeon

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I must thank the Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association for making this trip come true, for my family support and for my great friends. Love you all.


Warmest hugs on Earth,

Princess Sylvie


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