4 Ways to Summer!

It was a beautiful sunny day. Literally. One of the most awesome days this year, full of laughter and inner joy. Well, thanks to the outstanding weather and the positive creation vibes, we decided to finally meet. So here I present you this brand new fashion article, featuring Mada, Die and Andreea!

Without any further introductions, here are the incredibly stylish outfits that you must try this summer!


  1. RED

Mada totally killed this outfit, due to her lovely personality which embraced all the intense vibes of this outfit. However, why red?

Red… maybe many of you are asking yourselves why she has chosen this color. Red is a highly intense & powerful dash, a passionate extreme color, which always seems to cast the strongest feelings. It is the color of the ardent love, of violence and seduction, of fire and blood. Of love and hate. Of war and delight.

This outfit highly represents her. It is really comfy and very chic, perfect for going out with a friend, an important person, or even for a cocktail. Minimum of effort, maximum of effect!Beautiful MadaM a d aMadalina DetalisMada ShoesMada Blouse DetailsMada 2 Shirt- DS by Diana Sicoe, Pants- Guess, Vest- La Femme


  1. Elegant in Stripes

If it ain’t classy it ain’t her! Meet Die, one of the most elegant people I know!

She has always escapelessly loved the elegant spring-summer outfits, as she can easily integrate a lot of specific cool elements, such as belts, colorful scarfs or golden shoes. Moreover, the beloved yellow bag is simply a must have of this summer, which adds effortlessly a classy glow dash to any outfit.DivaD i eDie's DetailsDetails DieDieDie's Outfit

The shirt in stripes? Literally perfect for any occasion! This outfit, however, is a tiny part of Die’s personality, so you can easily understand how lovely indeed she is!


  1. Pretty Gold

Andreea’s outfit is a pretty simple one, perfect for a breezy summer day. Even though she looks a little bit overdressed, she surely isn’t, as the clothing items are very light and suitable for a windier afternoon.

What do you think is her must-wear summer dash? Gold! Gold is essential for any outfit, as it gives an elegant & classy touch so wanted nowadays. The culottes, that are so so so fashionable, make a perfect match with the classy blouse (as a matter of fact, stolen from Mom’s wardrobe- blink blink). You know what’s awesome? Her mother wore it when she was young and, being an inspiring example of style and class, helped Andreea become who she really is. An amazing soul.Andreea SmilingAndreea's Outfit 2AndreeaaInto the woodAndreea DetailsSmile

What’s more, this outfit is so practical that its comfiness simply can’t be ignored! Our advice? Just try it out, as its beautiful features will lighten up your day!


  1. Surprise surprise!

Here I am! Yes, I know that it’s (not at all) an elegant outfit, but it’s so me that I literally couldn’t help putting it on the list! If you have those days when you simply don’t know what to wear, plus you’re in a time crisis and you get a lot of phone calls from your friends reminding you that you’re already late… welcome to the club! This outfit purely states the joy of going out in the simplest way possible (and very practical of course), like “I woke up like this” reloaded!

This outfit’s must? The fanny pack which lately I can’t separate from!MeMy DetailseyesMy OutfitSilva

Why are these outfits a must? They are perfect for a lot of occasions and, besides that, very practical in all means!


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