Israel, Israel

Israel is always a great idea. Especially when you go there with your cousins, you have an awesome time together and you live your life fully, being grateful for every single beautiful moment! Indeed, the Holy Land is a place where you can easily feel the abundance of religions, while strolling on its traditional streets and admiring the stunning architecture. From the very first seconds you start feeling how your faith is constantly improving and how your energy boosts. Perhaps thanks to the blessing of the sun, that shines in a unique way, or thanks to the positive vibes which surround those holy places, or maybe due to your outbursting happiness, because you’re visiting one of the most breathtaking countries on Earth!

Well, for me this trip was more than a usual one. It was more than I’d ever experienced. Was discovering myself, was finding my true psyche and growing my faith. Was becoming me.

We visited it all. All the sacred places, all the main touristic points, all the important places… oh, I’ve gained some of the most precious memories of my entire life. I won’t start telling you all the names of the top monasteries, as I literally don’t want to write a looong list, like the one for Santa Claus- I will just write down 3 places that impressed me the most. And maybe, if you ever decide to go to Israel & the Palestinian territories, you will follow this small guide on the most beautiful & breathtaking places. Listen to my advice, these 3 places are worth seeing.


  • Hozeva Monastery

This monastery is pretty much in the middle of anywhere, so you definitely must go there if you have the chance. The landscape is simply said great, the monastery was built in a canyon, so till you arrive to the church you have to move through an impressive road. You can go by donkey or by foot- any option is valuable, as the road takes 30 min. I loved going there, I felt like knowing this place since forever and, besides all these, I felt so so so happy. It was one of the most stunning places I had ever been to. (apparently I have a passion for the desert, canyons and the bright Palestinian sun)P1490291P1490266P1490299P1490267P1490338P1490369


  • The Dead Sea

Fortunately, we, Romanians, are already used to lots of salt thanks to our Black Sea. But, my dears, the Dead Sea was literally off the limits! From any position you could bare in this salty water, you’d arrive horizontally, floating like a whale. The water is so salty that you can even read a book while “swimming” (actually you can’t even swim, because if the salt accidentally gets in your eyes/ mouth, apart from the fact that it blisters horribly and you think that you’ll turn blind, you must immediately get to the shore and wash for your own good). Yes, it’s one of the most badass seas you’ll ever get into, so that’s why it’s a must for any trip to Israel! (unfortunately I didn’t take any pics here)


  • The Sea of Galilee

This is a very important place for Christians, because here Jesus made a lot of miracles. That’s why, after  an hour of the windy & sunny afternoon spent on a ‘lil ship singing Hava Nagila and dancing,  we went to eat St. Peter’s fish. I love sailing, maybe that’s why during this sea-trip I felt so nice, so joyful to be there. With the wind gently moving my hair, with the brilliant sun hugging our souls, with the wide sea in front of us – it became one of the memories that I’d never- never ever- let go.P1490164P1490133P1490131

This was it. Behind all the visits, all the monasteries, these 3 were my favorite places where I’d return immediately. Maybe with the St. Sava Monastery (where women can’t get in, but the landscape is STUNNING), with St. Fotini’s Church (where we met a priest whom I believe was a saint), with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and with the Church of the Nativity (a place where you could feel a positive energy and an outstanding happiness) – maybe these 7 places are my must-visit.

However, here I want to show you some of my favorite photographs, taken during this trip in Palestina/Israel. Hope you like them!P1480516


at St. Fotini’s Church- isn’t it beautiful?


the Golden Gate


the Church of the Nativity



Don’t you think that he looks like a character from Star Wars? 🙂



Via Dolorosa



the Holy Sepulchre



at the Jordan river


the local food- DELICIOUS


I still want to come back to this appealing place, which continues to call me. Will I ever come back? When will I return, my dear Israel, Israel…?



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