Arhipera Summer School!

Hi friends,

Here I come again, this time with awesome news: we inaugurated a new house during the Arhipera summer school! Apart from that, at the end of the article you’ll have a beautiful surprise!

Besides all the photography, Art and Architecture classes, where different lectors were invited, during this summer school we’ve finished this beautiful house for the Vătafu family, who lived in extreme poverty.


And now, lemme describe you my experience… As every year is very different and comes invariably with fresh surprises compared to the previous one, 2k17 simply rocked it! Our high-school team had to project the facade design, so we decided (after many, many attempts) to paint it in a unique way, in order to embrace the æsthetics and truly be out of the ordinary. And we did it!

We got inspired by the Delaunay artists so, in the end, the facade looked simply brilliant (and sui generis)! With the great help of our Arhipera family & the homeowners, we finished just in time and this was pretty awesome!

However, the university students’ team had to create the design and build the porch. Even though it was a lot of hard word (literally), they also finished their project right in time: and it also looked very, very, very nice.

I loved this year’s Arhipera summer school, as it was full of intense work, joy and… of course, photography. What could have been even better than that? We learned a lot of new things while helping people who really needed a hand.

In order to convince yourself that I haven’t made up all these beautiful stories, I asked some of my Arhipera fellas to write down their experience during the summer school. Enjoy!


Robert: This summer school was a completely unforgettable opportunity to help others in need. It was a perfect mix between fun, work and learning. I will surely come again next summer!


Ionut: This summer school was incredible and I really felt the joy the family Vătafu had at the end of the project. It was the first time I worked with the homeowners and I learned how difficult it is to actually please the family.

On the working site, I firstly panicked because we had to finish the work plan in time. Only halfway through the project, we realized we had enough time to finish. 🙂

As for the photography course, what I really appreciated was the teacher. He gave me a camera to exercise and taught us, the students, how to create the best photographs, from composition to the message. In conclusion, I learned more about how it is to be part of a real architectural project and how to efficiently use photography in my advantage.


Teo: The Arhipera Summer School was an opportunity to help a family who really needed our help, to offer smiles and understanding, to show people who live in extreme poverty that there is hope for a better future.

We have learned to work together as a team, have formed friendships, understood what patience means and that we must always be opened to new ideas, to broaden our thinking horizon.

This experience has truly helped us develop ourselves professionally and personally. We became a family who helped another family.


Corina: For me, the most important thing was that, unlike what happens in our University, I wasn’t supposed to give an answer to a “topic” (and this in a limited time) without knowing what the project completion implies. Joining the ARHIPERA School (which includes this summer project Silvia told you about) has faced me with more realistic issues, such as legislative, economic and social ones. This also brought us a huge enjoyment.

During the summer school, teamwork created an ideal communication between the volunteers! What’s more, I liked a lot the involvement of the beneficiaries; it is a beautiful thing to have the occasion to work with people, and for them.


Irina: Being part of the Arhipera Team has really been a both unique and heart-warming experience at the same time. Not only that I had the opportunity to explore the scenes behind the universe of architecture and but I also got the chance to use my social skills by sharing experiences with the locals. Thank you for making my summer awesome and allowing me to extend my knowledge in general. See you next year!


Guess what’s the surprise? You can sign up for the NGA (New Generation Architects) courses starting from 20 September, at 3 p.m.! NGA is a brand-new concept for teens who want to learn informally about architecture, visual communication, innovation, interior design, as well as photography. And I’m surely gonna be part of this project! You’ll get a diploma at the end of the workshops and a volunteering certificate. You can find out more here:

For more info, you can contact me at my email address:, or send a direct message on Instagram @bibzillos

You can also contact Irina Scobiola: 0728497569


And here are some pics from the summer school!


Guys, please try to be as kind as possible and always offer a hand to people in need. Sometimes you can change a life by giving a smile, an aid, a little help. Do good. Be a human who cares about other humans. This is Arhipera’s concept. We build homes and rebuild lives. So, if you want to join our NGA team, contact me. @bibzillos


Hugs and kisses,



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