Arhipera goes to the Biennale!

Hi guys, Today I'm gonna share with you my Venice experience! I've spent an entire October weekend in this amazing city with the Arhipera team (my favourite one), at the Biennale of Architecture. And now I'm going to tell you the things which impressed me the most at this Biennale. This won't be a 'Top 10 … Continue reading Arhipera goes to the Biennale!


Top 12 Things to Do in Florence

I love Florence in all the ways you can love a city. I went there twice, once with my family and then on a school trip. For me, Firenze (as Italians say) is the best place ever- every corner is filled with a beautiful atmosphere, which invites you to cheer up, have a good time … Continue reading Top 12 Things to Do in Florence