Bucharest, it’s raining!

Everything seems to stop when it's raining. Bucharest is way more silent, everybody looks like they keep their precious thoughts within... till a brand-new BMW spreads the plash water all over your body. Guys, meet Bucharest while raining! Dear adventurers, it’s nearly impossible to escape Bucharest dry while it’s raining- there’ll always be that innocent … Continue reading Bucharest, it’s raining!


Dear Romania

Dear Romania, What’s happening to you? Mai are România vreo şansă?  A lot of people tell me that, as a 16 year old girl, I can’t understand politics. But, right now, I’m even more conscious about our country’s situation than some adults are. Even though till now I didn’t care so much about this subject, … Continue reading Dear Romania


It is often said that money can bring happiness and a lot of people’s life goal is to become a multi-billionaire. Unfortunately, sometimes, when your principal aim is earning money you suddenly forget about your relationships and your social life, which are definitely more important than anything else related to money. Nowadays, there are many … Continue reading MONEY / FRIENDS?