Israel, Israel

Israel is always a great idea. Especially when you go there with your cousins, you have an awesome time together and you live your life fully, being grateful for every single beautiful moment! Indeed, the Holy Land is a place where you can easily feel the abundance of religions, while strolling on its traditional streets … Continue reading Israel, Israel


My London Dream

London… what a dream come true! I’ve visited it with some really dear friends whom I love a lot, so London became a truly achieved goal! What can I say more? It was all like an inner wish which fantastically came to life! Yes, guys, London is a truly multicultural city, where you feel welcomed … Continue reading My London Dream

10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated

This article is for us, the incurable voyageurs! I think that we all tried at least once that horrible feeling of boredom on an airplane, when it is a too-extremely chill atmosphere. Literally too chill- that unhealthy chill, which seems to make you sick. For some of my dear guys: even if you're not some … Continue reading 10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated

Predeal & The Happiness of Being a Child Again

Well, for me, Predeal is more than a city. It’s a state of mind, it’s the place where you can understand nature in the purest way ever, it represents the fairytale joy. So, in my family trip to Predeal, I had a moment of finally waking up after being unconscious about life’s beautiful treasures- not … Continue reading Predeal & The Happiness of Being a Child Again

Arhipera goes to the Biennale!

Hi guys, Today I'm gonna share with you my Venice experience! I've spent an entire October weekend in this amazing city with the Arhipera team (my favourite one), at the Biennale of Architecture. And now I'm going to tell you the things which impressed me the most at this Biennale. This won't be a 'Top 10 … Continue reading Arhipera goes to the Biennale!