Madrid, the City of… Love!

I don’t even know where to start! I spent some marvelous 3 days in the beautiful Madrid, where I had an AMAZING time. Why did I love it that much? Well, Madrid is the kind of place that you’ll never want to leave, thanks to its beauty that you see literally everywhere- from the classy … Continue reading Madrid, the City of… Love!


Urban Black

City Chic? Aye aye! Today, we've prepared for you, my-dear-royal-guys, this awesome version of a city chic style starring my beautiful friend, Maria! Let's Bibzillos!Well, today's outfit is all black (I can proudly say poetic black), as the only items which give a colorish glimpse to the combo are the golden city sneakers!What's so amazing … Continue reading Urban Black

10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated

This article is for us, the incurable voyageurs! I think that we all tried at least once that horrible feeling of boredom on an airplane, when it is a too-extremely chill atmosphere. Literally too chill- that unhealthy chill, which seems to make you sick. For some of my dear guys: even if you're not some … Continue reading 10 things to do when airplane-boredom-activated

My 9th- Glitter Green

Cold, cold, cold days. While strolling on Calea Victoriei, Ana found a great place to take photos and, of course, suggested it to me. Well, what could I do besides going to this awesome place and making a photo-shooting? Bibzillos tradition!Ana is one of my besties. Actually, I can undoubtedly admit that she’s been my … Continue reading My 9th- Glitter Green